Reincarnated and Improved


Tony Stark AKA Iron Man is tech-enhanced human personified (Paramount Pictures, 2008)

Would technology really improve me? At times I doubt it. Sometimes I even feel that digital innovation slows me down. I am certain that it’s partly about me. I am sort of slow. At times I find myself sitting and watching the display of my cell with a completely blank mind. I forgot why I even picked my cell phone out in the first place. The endless possibilities of our smart phones, watches and extended technology makes us loose ourselves in the the jungle of endless choices. Like a kid on christmas that chokes on to much candy. I asked for a magic wand and what I got was Pandoras digital box. But what if it was more seamless. What if technology was ubiquitous (that word I first learned when I studied informatics back 2000) and integrated in walls, refrigerators, windows, glasses and tables. What if it was part of our bodies? What if we could have X-ray eyes and super strength? What if it even could speed up our minds and make us smarter. What if we could control stuff with our mere thoughts? Mind over matter. I would easily be Tony Stark and Jarvify my home. Fly to work and save the world. No more Skalman.

The advancement of #biohacking and #bodyhacking trend never ceases to amaze me. From the extreme grinders movement with people like Chris Dancy in the front line – to everyday people like you and me injecting NFC chips in their hands.

I recently attended #webbdagarna @StockholmWaterFront. An event mainly focused on online marketing trends and digital transformation. The event is one of the best of it’s kind. Well organized and with a wide range of inspirational speakers. The closing note was from Sarah Öhrvall who is ”a senior advisor, board member, speaker, writer, columnist and maker of things at the intersection of media, technology and future consumer behavior”.

Sara kicked off an inspirational presentation about ”Creating your own Superhero” and gave some thrilling current examples of how we are expanding our senses by using both visual and audio amplifications such as realtime interpretation of sign language, microsoft hololense AR and even merging digital solutions with biology in new innovative ways.

Even Google is in the race of trying to extend life and tackling the mysteries of aging. Science is taking giant leaps every day at an exponentially increasing pace, and the first ever body/head transplantation is taking place in 2017. As we are faced with stunning possibilities of being whatever we like and to live longer and better than ever, the question still remains: Will we be happier? Will our lives be more purposelful? What are our responsibilities in all this? Should we really aspire to live forever and how much should we try to improve ourselves? Are we trying to find ways reincarnate in the digitally enhanced world? Are we trying to shackle our souls to machines? Is this enthusiasm just a trend or will it eventually blow over?

”With great powers comes great responsibility” – Ben Parker


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